I want to start working out tomorrow. I’ve ripped out all the “Exercises you can do while watching tv”, “Exercise at home”, and “Exercise for Mum’s” articles I could find, bookmarked all the websites, checked out other peoples advice on Pintrest etc. I want to get the endorphin rush all those athletes talk about, I want my body back and I want to be doing something to better myself. 

God, I am so motivated right now. 

I have to do this! I have gotten so bored and eating a fair bit out of boredom that all the weight I lost after baby has come back with a vengeance. And I really need something other than housework to do when Fynn sleeping or in his own world. My correspondence school said it will take up to three weeks to process my application! I’m going crazy here. 

If I don’t start working out tomorrow, I should really see a counsellor about my laziness. And that’s sad.


Blogging? I don’t know if anyone will be interested in what I have to share or say, I don’t know if anyone will actually read this full stop. As of right now I have zero followers, not such a good start. I could share the link on Facebook with a small demanding message saying “Follow me on Tumblr, Pintrest, WeHeartIt, Stumbleupon and all the other websites I spend my days on to avoiding vacuuming.” But whenever I see someone else do that I want to vomit so I can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t even bring myself to tell my boyfriend Rowan that I’m writing a blog, he might say “Why? You’re a shit writer.” Not that he’d know, because I never share anything I write. Anyway, enough about my insecurities about blogging, writing and myself in general. 

I’ll introduce myself now :) I am Steffanie Sabine. Born and raised in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Born 22 March 1994. Yup, just a youngun. I have a secret love of writing, reading and poetry. I love art, music and good movies. I would live off cheese and tomato sandwiches everyday if that was healthy, I have my coffee with two sugars and enough milk to make it luke warm. I have naturally blonde hair but dye it dark colours because I feel no one takes me seriously with blonde hair. My dress sense is all over the place, one day it’s leather pants, big black boots and t-shirts with David Bowie’s face, the next an on trend mustard coloured dress with a big floppy hat and black suede wedges. I always have chipped nails, flicky hair and spots. Handbags are my weakness. I have to have my clothes on the coathangers facing to the left and I have my boyfriends name tattooed on my ring finger. Yup. Just a youngun.

My boyfriend/best friend is Rowan, we have been on/off for five years now and on Feb 18 2012 we gave birth to a beautiful son, Fynn. I moved out of my parents home in Upper Hutt, Wellington (city) to the dairy farm Rowan works and lives on in Pirinoa, Featherton (middle of nowhere).

This is where my journey started. Even whilst I was pregnant I was working, I loved my job as a retail assistant. I loved earning money, doing one persons dishes, one persons washing and having all my free time to rub my enormous belly and look at the baby clothes. Once Fynn was born and I moved in with Rowan on the farm, things got interesting. I am no housewife, I didn’t know how to cook, vacuum, clean windows, change diapers, breastfeed or basically anything that a woman naturally does. The baby things I picked up fairly quickly, basically within hours of having him, not sure the nurses would’ve let me leave hospital with Fynn without being confident I could feed him and change him. Well, you’d hope not. But being a new mother as well as being a new housewife? Not easy. 

So I’m writing this blog to share this journey of learning, loving and becoming Future Steff. To all my zero followers, enjoy :)