I want to start working out tomorrow. I’ve ripped out all the “Exercises you can do while watching tv”, “Exercise at home”, and “Exercise for Mum’s” articles I could find, bookmarked all the websites, checked out other peoples advice on Pintrest etc. I want to get the endorphin rush all those athletes talk about, I want my body back and I want to be doing something to better myself. 

God, I am so motivated right now. 

I have to do this! I have gotten so bored and eating a fair bit out of boredom that all the weight I lost after baby has come back with a vengeance. And I really need something other than housework to do when Fynn sleeping or in his own world. My correspondence school said it will take up to three weeks to process my application! I’m going crazy here. 

If I don’t start working out tomorrow, I should really see a counsellor about my laziness. And that’s sad.